Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Chronicles of Jake Hollow (Page .1) Introducing "Jake Hollow"

The morning started off a little weird for Jake Hollow today.  Normally, his mobile phone would be set to come on an hour before work in the a.m.  ... It would be programed to play some random song he had downloaded that week. It would be blaring in his ear until his roommate (Lyle) would come in and kick the bed a few times saying, 
"Hey get up 'Old School" "Wake n Bake sucka!" Lyle's main source's of happiness were "Weed ,Girls and MiniTrucks"
And Jake's? They were pretty much the same, just in a different priority. The first things that come to his mind in the morning are "Trucks" ... then of course come the girls! Jake is a firm believer in "a time and place for every thing"  and "everything in moderation"  With that said, when it comes time to party, he will take in his share of libations and herb!  But Mini Trucks! ... That is what is on Jake Hollow's mind!
          After Jake's Girlfriend "Morgan" moved out last month because  ... "You spend all you're fucking time and money on that stupid fucking truck, why don't you go fuck IT?"-Morgan 
He asked his best friend Lyle to move in with him. Lyle had been living with his mother in the basement for way to long! So Jake told him it would be a needed change for both of them. After his Ex Girlfriend Morgan moved out, he needed a friend (and half of the rent too). Jake had only been living with Lyle for a few months. But so far they seemed to be getting along just fine. 
         Lyle works at Spiffy Lube on the weekends. And to supplement his minimum wage check, he sometimes sold weed to an "undisclosed amount" of people. He is also the guy that somehow always knows where the cops are?
The first day he came home from work at [Jake's house], he came in the living room, set down his keys and a fat stack of cash saying, "Its pretty funny how many people actually smoke pot in this town?"Forking over his rent for the month, with a smile on his face! Jake (laughing) replied, "I don't want cho derty Money Boy!"  Lyle, walking to his room laughed and said, "You betta Wash yo Self sukka!"
       Jake and Lyle met at the BMX track when they were about 11 years old. But the funny thing was ,they weren't BMX racers. They both were riding "GT performers" It was Called "freestyling" Jake could do a perfect endo seat grab and Lyle was a master at doing a cherry picker! They were flatlanders, And after that dayThey've been friends ever since!
           But waking up this morning in Jakes room was a bit different? It was the sun, shining in through the window next to the bed.
 At first he jumped up thinking, "SHIT!"  ..."I'm late?" But soon remembered that he requested the day off! He had asked Doc-his boss, for an extra day off to get his S-10 ready for the Slam-n-Jam truck show! It was a huge car/truck show that was getting bigger and better every year and it was at the fair grounds tomorrow in town! All the major truck magazines were going to cover the show, plus a few major "metal workers" in the truck scene that most would consider some of the best custom truck builders in the industry! 
Jake had worked hard all year on the suspension of his Dime to have it lay out over the staggered 22 and 24 inch wheels.
            According to Doc, "Jake is an awesome fabricator, he does things the right way!"
He had built a one-off/complete "stock floor frame" for his S-10 including 1-off upper and lower control arms, The fuel cell and cantilevered 4-link back half! The rockers, flush on the pavement, retaining his air conditioner and power steering!
      A long stare at his designs would leave even the most intelligent CAD designer with a face of consternation! Not to mention, the suicide doors, 90's style tilt bed (showing off the frame work) and custom tweed interior-all done in house. 
Without the use of a CAD program, he relied on his inherent drafting skills which he sharpened up around the shop working for Doc over the years! Jake did this all with a pencil, paper a calculator and some cardboard templates ... "Old School" style!  Jake's nickname was "Old School" and it was given to him by Doc because of the way Jake tackles a project! ..."The old school way"!
         Last night Jake, Doc and Lyle stayed up a bit late drinking with Doc at Karly's Kustoms. 
They put Jake's new windshield in, with new moldings and got the bumper back from chrome shop. At the end, they did some final polishing on the new paint job. It had been over 5 years in the making for this truck to get to this stage!  It was around sunset when they finished and as a "congratulations" Doc had the beer in the cooler waiting for "beer:30" ...And Lyle, not much of a drinker, fired up a fat joint of southern California's Best and passed it over to Doc.
         Jake glided his newly finished S-10, just outside the shops bay doors and parked it a little sideways letting it air out around those huge wheels. In his mind, he was pretending it was for a MiniTruckin Magazine shoot, as he wet down the pavement around the truck saying-"dreaming of seeing his truck on the cover of magazines as he entered his local stores with a humble smile on his face. 
It was a good day. Although he was tired, it was good to finally sit back with friends and a cool beer and just look at his truck as the sun went down behind it.
          By this time, Doc and Jake had drunk 2 cases of beer together. Doc, hearing the slurred speech of Jake's "truck stories" interrupted Jake saying-"The truck looks really good Kid, although you my friend, look really drunk! (doc laughing-continues saying...) I suggest leaving your purdy lil' truck right where it is, and coming to get it in the morning!"  Lyle, [with only two beers in him] was always considered the designated driver and Jake agreed that coming to get it tomorrow sounded way better than a wrecked truck, hurting someone or a criminal record. So, finishing his beer, he jumped in Lyle's "under construction" B2000 and they scraped home leaving a rooster tail of road reflectors raining out of the ass end (of the almost falling off roll pan) in Lyle's '84 Mazda.

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